Audience award ans Special Mention at Fantoche, Baden (Switzerland) 2014
Best Visual at UPCOMING FILM MAKERS, Luzern (Switzerland) 2014
Best Experimental Animation at Golden Orchid International Animation Festival, Pennsylvania (USA) 2014
Audience award  at Animatou, Geneva (Switzerland) 2014
Prix Pathé, Lausanne (Switzerland) 2014
Audience Award at Solothurner Filmtage (Switzerland) 2015
Nomination for “Best Animation Film” at Swiss Film Award 2015
Audience Award at international short film festival Regard, Saguenay (Canada) 2015
Special Mention at Ciné-Court Animé Roanne (France) 2015
Nomination Nastri d’Argento (Italy) 2015
Best Short Film Award at MIAFF (Canada) 2015
Best Animation at Be Film Underground Film Festival, NYC (USA) 2015
Best Short animated film (up to 10 minutes) at the IAFF Golden Kuker, Sofia (Bulgaria) 2015
Special Mention at NonStop Barcelona Animació 2015
Special Mention at Euganea film Festival (Italy) 2015
Special Mention at 2ANNAS Riga International Film Festival (Latvia) 2015
Best Animation Film at METRICAMENTE CORTO (Italy) 2015
Jury Special Prize at Festival de Courts Métrages de la Côte Bleue (France) 2015


Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland (World Premiere) 6-16.08.2014
Fantoche, Baden  (Switzerland) 2-7.09.2014
LINOLEUM Kyev (Ukrain) 4- 28.09.2014
Timishort Film Festival, Timisoara (Romania) 02-05.10.2014
Animatou, Geneva (Switzerland) 3-11.10.2014
Upcoming Film Makers Luzern (Switzerland) 4.10.2014
Festival Européen du Film Court de Brest (France) 11-16.11.2014
Warsaw Film Festival (Poland) 11-19.10.2014
Spark Animation Festival, Vancouver (Canada) 22-26.10.2014
Internationale Kurzfilmtage ,Winterthur (Switzerland) 04-09.11.2014
CINANIMA Espinho (Portugal) 10-16.11.2014
Cinessone – Festival du cinéma européen en Essonne (France) 11-23.11.2014
Anilogue, Budapest (Hungary) 19-23.11.2014
Animateka, Liubjna (Slovenia) 08-14.12.2014
Piccolo Film Festival, Udine (Italy) 17-30.12.2014
Journée du Cinéma Suisse, Soleure (Switzerland) 21-29.01.2015
Ambulante, Mexico City (Mexico) 29.01.2015
Festival du Court Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand (France) 30-07.02.2015
38th Portland Int. Film Festival (USA) 05-21.02.2015
ANIMA, Bruxelles (Belgium) 13-22.02.2015
Animac, Lleida (Spain) 19-22.02.2015
FIFA, Aubagne (France) 16-21.03.2015
IBAFF – Murcia International Film Festival (Spain) 03-08.03.2015
Festival International du Film Court au Saguenay (Canada) 11-15.03.2015
MONSTRA Festival de Animação de Lisboa (Portugal) 12-22.03.2015
DORF, music documentaries Vinkovci (Croatie) 12-15.03.2015
Festival internacional de film de Lanzarote (Spain)16-28.03.2015
Short Film Week Regensburg (Germany) 18-19.03.2015
Festival international de cinéma d’animation de Meknès (Maroc) 20-25.03.2015
Ciné-Court Animé Roanne (France) 23-29.03.2015
Erarta MOTION PICTURES. Saint-Petersbourg (Russie) 25-29.03.2015
Athens Anim fest,    Athène (Greece) 26.03-01.04.2015
Ashland Independent Film Festival    Ashland    (USA) 09-13.04.2015
European Film Festival of Lille    (France)    10-17.04.2015
Mecal International Short Film Festival of Barcelona (Spain) 12-19.04.2015
Festival Cinéma du Monde de Sherbrooke (Québec) 8-12.04.2015
Filmfest Dresden Dresden (Germany) 14-19.04.2015
Animaze Int. FIlm festival, Montreal (Canada) 16-19.04.2015
International Film Festival    Washington (USA) 16-26.04.2015
Ciné Jeune, St Quentin (France) 17-24.04.2015
Be Films The Underground Film Festival, New York (USA) 21-25.04.2015
BOLZANO Short Film Festival, Bolzano (Italy) 22-26.04.2015
MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival, Győr (Hungary) 28-04-02-05.2015
Tabor Short Film Festival, Zabor (Croatia) 30-04-02.05.2015
Tripoli Film Festival (Lebanon) 30.04-07.05.2015
IAFF Golden Kuker, Sofia (Bulgaria) 4-10.05.2015
Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film (Germany) 5-10.05.2015
Future film festival, Bologna (Italy) 5-10.05.2015
Ecozine Film Festival, Zaragosa (Spain) 7-15.05.2015
Ankara International Film Festival, Ankara (Turkey) 23.04-03.05.2015
Festival MEDIAWAVE Film & Music Festival, Győr (Hungary) 28.04-02.05.2015
Tel Aviv International Film Festival, Tel Aviv (Israel) 06-15.06.2015
Festival Plein la Bobine, La Bourboule (France) 13-19.06.2015
Annecy festival animation (France) 15-20.06.2015
Cinema Jove, Valencia (Espagne) 19-26.06.2015
International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala (India) 26-30.06.2015

Euganea Film Festival, Padova (Italy) 03-17.07.2015
Festival du Film Court en plein air de Grenoble, Grenoble (France) 28.04-02.05.2015
Madeline Island Summer Film Series, La Pointe (USA) 09-11.07.2015
La Semo Festival, La Bourboule, Enghien (Belgique) 10-12.07.2015
Manchester International Film Festival, (UK) 10-12.07.2015
Fantasia International Film Festival, Montréal (Canada) 14.07-04.08.2015
Shorts at moonlight, Frankfurt (Germany) 15.07-16.08.2015
Lago Film Festivalt, Revine (Italy) 14.07-01.08.2015
SUPERTOON, Zagreb (Croatia) 26-31.07.2015
Five Lakes Film Festival, Gilching (Germany) 29.07-09.08.2015
Concorto Film Festival, Pontenure (Italy) 22-29.08.2015
Zomerkwartier festival, Nijmegen (Holland) 23.08.2015
Odense International Film Festival, (Danemark) 24-30.08.2015
Festival du film francophone d’Angoulême, (France) 25-30.08.2015
Aye Aye Festival, Nancy (France) 28-30.08.2015
Filmfest Malans, Malans (Switzerland) 29.08-27.09.2015

Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, Massachusetts (USA) 08-13.09.2015
World Festival of Animated Film, Varna (Bulgaria) 09-13.09.2015
CROQ’ANIME, Paris (France) 09-13.09.2015
Sciacca Film Fest, Sciacca (Italiy) 11-17.09.2015
Encounters, Bristol (UK) 15-20.09.2015
2ANNAS, Riga (Latvia) 22-27.09.2014
Animasyros, Syrons island (Greece) 24-27.09.2015
METRICAMENTE CORTO, Trebaseleghe (italy) 26.09-04.10.2015
IAFF KROK animation festival , Kiev (Ukraine ) 27.09-03.10.2015
Woodstock Film Festival, New York (USA) 30.09-04.10.2015

Anim’est – International animation film festival, Bucarest (Romania) 02-11.10.2015
BALKANIMA European Animated Film Festival, Belgrade (Serbia) 06-10.10.2015
CinemAmbiente – Environmental Film Festival, Torino (Italy) 06-11.10.2015
Festival Ecollywood, Lille (France) 07-11.10.2015
Nice Film Festival, Nice (France) 09-16.10.2015
Int. Festival of Children’s “green” film and animation, Moscow (Russia) 09-11.10.2015
Festival Internazionale del Cinema d’Arte Milano, Milan (Italy) 14-18.10.2015
Festival de Courts Métrages de la Côte Bleue, Carry-Le-Rouet (France) 15-18.10.2015
Be There – Corfu Animation Festival, Corfu (Greece) 15-18.10.2015
Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Badalona (Spain) 16-25.10.2015
Festival Internacional de Jovenes Realizadores, Granada (Spain) 19-25.10.2015
Bogocine, Bogota (Columbia) 20-28.10.2015
Chicago International Children’s Film Festival (USA) 23.10-01.11.2015
The Kuandu International Animation Festival, Taipei (Taiwan) 24.10-01.11.2015
Festival Evreux, Amsterdam (Netherlands) 27.10-01.11.2015
Festival du cinéma international en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rouyn-Noranda (Canada) 31.10-05.11.2015
International children’s filmfestival Filem’On in Brussels (Belgium) 01-08.11.2015
Curta Cinema, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) 04-11.11.2015
ARCIPELAGO-Int Festival of Short Films and New Images, Rome (Italy) 04-10.11.2015
FICMA-Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival, Barcelona (Spain) 05-12.11.2015
Cork Film Festival, Cork (Ireland) 06-15.11.2015
Festival Images en vues The Magdalena Islands, Québec (Canada) 06-07.11.2015
Interfilm, Berlin (Germany) 08-15.11.2015
Festival du Cinéma et Musique de Film de La Baule (France) 11-15.11.2015
CUTOUT FEST, Querétaro (Mexico) 12-15.11.2015
Exground filmfest, Wiesbaden (Germany) 13-22.11.2015
Kinodiseea International Children’s Film Festival, Bucharest (Romania) 13-18.11.2015
Barcelona Children’s film festival (Spain) 15-30.11.2015
KURZFILMFESTIVAL KÖLN, Köln (Germany) 17-22.11.2015
Festival Evreux    Evreux (France)    20.11.2015
Filmets Badalona Film Festival, Badalona (Spain) 20-29.11.2015
Etiuda and Anima, Krakow (Poland) 23-28.11.2015
Tindirindis, Vilnius (Lituania) 23.11.2015
Magma – Mostra di Cinema Breve, Acireale (Italy) 25-28.11.2015

CINEMA SUD Geneva (Switzerland) 19-23.08.2014
Prix de Court Pathé – Geneva & Lausanne (Switzerland) 03-29.09.2014


Tribune de Genève – Mauro, Étoile montante du cinéma d’animation (PDF)


Some still Images of the film


Original concept that I presented  in 2012 when I won the Cube Creative prize at the Carrefour d’Annecy