Switzerland | 8 mins
3D Computer animation | Original language: Italian
March 2022

►International Competition at ANIMAC Mostra Internacional de Cinema d’Animació de Catalunya, Lleida [Spain]
►Best of world screening at MONSTRA Animated Film Festival, Lisbon [Portugal]
►International Competition at International Short Film Festival Psarokokalo, Athen [Greece]
►Open Air at International Short Film Festival Filmfest Dresden [Germany]
►VIS – Vienna Shorts, Vienna [Austria]
►Mecal International Short Film Festival of Barcelona [Spain]
►Animist Tallinn [Finland]
►Fantoche, Baden [Switzerland]
►Animatou, Geneva [Switzerland]
►FILMETS Badalona Film Festival, Badalona [Spain]
►Animasyros International Animation Festival, Syros [Greece]
►Sardinia Film Festival, Alghero [Italy]
►Primanima, Budapest [Hungary]
►Animaphix International Animated Film festival, Palermo [Italy]
►Piccolo Film Festival, San Vito al Tagliamento [Italy]
►Animateka, Ljubljana [Slovenia]

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My old friend Walter has been living in his truck, Caronte, with his dog Rogna for ten years now. In an interview, he opens the doors of his four-wheeled home and tells us the anecdotes of his life as a modern wanderer .

Written and directed by: Mauro Carraro
Voice Cast : Walter Santini, Mauro Bellucci
Assistant Design: Enzo Dessi
Assistant Modeling & 3D Layout: Morgane Bogdanoff, Antoine Huguenin
Animation: Mauro Carraro
FX: Mauro Carraro
Sound Design : Jerome Vittoz
Music : Pierre Yves Drapeau & Martin M Tétreault

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